At DSW Manufacturing, we specialize in aluminum fabrication and manufacturing as well as specialty stainless steel jobs. We are happy to offer the services below and would be pleased to tackle any job that would fit our capabilities.

Fabrication capabilities

  • CNC router cutting services on our 5X10 table.  We can cut aluminum up to 1/2″ thick, plastic, or even wood
  • 3D modeling using Solidworks 
  • Shearing with a 10′ capacity up to 1/4″
  • Forming on our 10′ 140 ton CNC press brake
  • TIG welding and MIG welding
  • Cutting up to 6″ solid or tubing on our cold cut saw
  • Rolling up to 4′ wide and 1/8″ thickness
  • Trailer custom interiors, modifications and repairs

Take a look at some of our fabrication projects
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Ermak CNC Press Brake to make fabrication easy, safe and precise

Ermak CNC Press Brake

CNC Controller Fabrication

CNC Controller

Multicam CNC Router used for any fabrication job

Multicam CNC Router

Haco NC Shear for stainless metal or wood or plastic fabrication

Haco NC Shear

 SolidWorks drafting

SolidWorks Designed Desk 3D model ready from fabrication

SolidWorks Designed Desk

SolidWorks Designed Tank ready from fabrication

SolidWorks Designed Tank

 Fabricated end-product

Finished fabricated tank

Finished fabricated tank